Monday, 10 March 2008

A-Level: Integration and Trapezium Rule

Chapter 21 Try this.

  • Integration can be used to find area though be aware that area beneath the x-axis is counted as negative area.
  • WikiBooks is a good reference - but be selective i.e. scan read and just follow what you need to.

Trapezium Rule
  • Also known as a Riemann Sum
  • You need to know and be able to write down the formula for the Trapezium Rule P.379
  • When this rule gives an overestimate and an underestimate
  • The fact that splitting into more and more trapezia improves the approximation.
  • I strongly recommend you to look at this Utube video for an explanation. 8 minutes.

Think in English first

Area = 1/2 (width of step)[1st height + 2(sum of all middle height) + last height]

  • Trapezium
  • Integral
  • Area
  • Ordinate
  • Notes and worked examples
  • Key Points Handout see pp385/386
  • Past examination questions with answers. Make sure you can answer every part of every question. Use the following coding *Yes can do, ** Been taught but unsure, *** Missed this/never understood it/not a chance.
  • Remember to follow how marks are allocated - write down in English the stages you are doing, write down the calculations you are doing on calculator.
  • For a Question with 3 marks - if you correctly use a Calculator full marks, if you make a mistake 0 marks. Method marks can be picked up by writing your method down - but that makes sense?
  • Exercise 21D p382 Q6, 7, 8 (Note in rare cases tables have been given)
  • Exercise 21E Review p384 Q5, 6, 7
  • The trapezium rule has invariably been on each C2 exam paper either as a stand-alone or part of a Question. This topic should now be secure - i.e. *Yes
  • Work to be completed from previous lessons Exercise 20A, Ex 20C (turning points)

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