Monday, 10 March 2008

Qualifications to Teach Mathematics

  • I did A-level Mathematics and Further Mathematics when I was your age.
  • Then went straight to University where I did a Joint Mathematics and Economics degree.
  • I then studied to become an accountant for 3 years until I got bored and then decided to take up teaching.
  • Teaching is not boring for sure.
  • I then taught Mathematics for 7 years at Kaskenmoor School - 11 to 16, up to O-Level as it was then.
  • I took a parallel move to North Chadderton (with slightly less money) in order to teach A-Level Mathematics.
  • I taught the A-Level Applied and Mechanics modules for 4 years as well as 16+ maths and youngsters. Lots of A's and B's during that time.
  • There were very few computers in school - I'd come from a school with hundreds of computers.
  • So over the next 22 years I gradually dropped Mathematics and went into ICT.
  • I even gave away my mathematics notes.

  • Can do the theory but rusty - certainly with Pure Mathematics.
  • Will be prepared.
  • Will be able to see the pitfalls that new entrants to A-Level Maths have.
  • Have to regain ways of explaining maths - picking up tricks.
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