Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Revision: Foundation

1 Go through 2 past Papers

2. Graphs
Quadratic Graphs - be able to write down co-ordinates
Identify maximum, minimum points and lines of symmetry
Identify graphs p.238-237 q2, q4, q8
Use a graph to find solutions p.241 q2, 4

3. Using a formula p337 q1, 4, 5
Changing the subject of a formula p347 q4,5

4 Angles in shapes
acute, obtuse, reflex
equilateral, isosceles, scalene
constructing triangles
p550 q2

5 Algebra
Simplifying Terms (Expanding brackets) p197 q7, p199 q3
FOIL p.262 Q1 and 2
Factorise p259 q1

6 Sequences
term to term rule p.433 1 and 2
patterns of shapes p440 q5,6

7 Constructions
Perpendicular Bisector of a line p.460
Angle Bisector p.462
Locus of points p.464
p.466 q1, p.467 q3

Revision: Higher

1. Go through 2 past Papers

2. Prove that triangles are Congruent P520, P521 Q1

3. Calculate equations of a line through a point and perpendicular to a given line
P514 questions 4 to 8
P515 questions 2 to 8

4. Use Sine and Cosine Rule P661, 662 q2
Area 1/2absinC P664 Q2
Cosine Rule P665 Q2 (see P667)

5. Graphs - I don't have time to teach!

Recognise non-linear graphs

quadratics, reciprocal, cubic, sine, cosine
p576 3,5,7
p580 8,9,11

Transforming functions
recognise functional notation

y = f(x) + a
y = f(x+a)

y = f(ax)
ExB p594 questions 1 to 5, ExB p599 questions 1 to 3

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Revision - Higher Tier

1.Vector Geometry
P679 1 and 3 , P681 Do yourself Chapter Review 1 to 10
2.Simultaneous Equations P540 Q2
3.Algebraic Fractions P.305 (Covers factorising as well!) ***
4.Graphs/Gradients p500 Q5, perpendicular gradient p506, Q1, 6, 7
5.Equalities/Inequalities p387, p392 q7, p395 Q9,10
6.Sequences Chapter 28 p.433 q2, p439 q4
7.Graphs of cubic etc. Chapter 37, 40 (Probably paper 2)
8.Transforming Graphs Chapters 40/41
9. Chapter 23 //lines, rhombus, //gram p.316 exb, polygons p.324 q6 &7, Pythagoras p.329 q9
10. Indices p.333, writing formulas p.343
11 Changing subject of a formula p.345, 352 q.5
12. Chapter 25 perimeter and area //gram, triangle, circle, composite
13 Volume of Prism p.429 q6 to 10
14 Chapter 30 Constructions
15 congruent, similar p527
16 chapter 35 paper 2 SOHCAHTOA, 3D
17 Arc length, Are sector, dimensions p568
18 circle theorems ch39 p.635 ALTERNATE SEGMENT THEOREM
19 Quadratic equations p.640 q1 to 4, p643 q3 to 8, COMPLETE THE SQUARE p.646 all
20 sine rule, cosine rule ch41
21 Chapter 42 Vectors
22. Past Papers (see November 2008)

Monday, 11 May 2009

Revision: Foundation Tier

Do you need any help from the following? I have given references to the Trevor Senior (Blue Book you have)

  • Finish the three Previous Papers 2006, 2007 and 2008
  • Solving Equations p434-435

  • Using formulas p464-465, P468

  • Sequences p499-501

  • Distance Time Graphs p.562-566

  • Factorising p.613, 615

  • Parallel lines p.621, quadrilaterals, p623, p625

  • regular polygons

  • writing as equations p.649

  • Area //gram , triangles p.660-661

  • circumference p.665, 669

  • area p.671

  • equalities p.686

  • inequalities p.692, 693, 694

  • nets, volumes p.718

  • finding the nth term p.734, 737

  • graphs/gradients p.745-747

  • quadratic graphs p.750-751

  • constructions
  • Friday, 8 May 2009

    Algebra (Higher)

    A collection of links, videos etc that will give you last minute revision

    Bitesize has a comprehensive list
    Bitesize does Simultaneous Equations
    A really, really good Mind Map - I like these

    Common Factors

    If you can stay awake this is video 35 of 51

    Factorising Quadratics
    A worksheet explaining quadratics such as 2x2 + 5x − 7.

    a^2-b^2 = \left(a+b\right)\left(a-b\right)

    Oh dear he tries to be funny - a difference of 2 Squares

    Thursday, 7 May 2009

    Trigonometry: Graphs

    Chapter 37 Graphs

    I'll add things later - but do subscribe/follow it'll help - this topic will be on the second paper.

    Cubic Functions
    • Have a look at Bitesize Cubic Function )
    • Have a look at the links - there is a good summary of the graphs you should know.

    A video that is American but watch once!

    Reciprocal Function look at how this is plotted

    Trigonometric functions sine, cosine - be aware of what they look like

    Solving Quadratic equations graphically

    37.3 Transformations and Functions

    A very good start is to look at Bitesize
    Translations, Stretch, Reflection
    There is a pdf here - 9 pages that will need printing out.