Sunday, 6 September 2009

Statistics: Probability 1

Read and work out missing information from a two-way table
Design-two way tables and complete using data from a graph
Review the term Probability
Understand the term relative probability
Number of trials and reliability
Calculating the probability of an event using relative frequency

Sample size must be large enough to be reliable (or representative)
Using Relative frequency to estimate the results of an experiment and judge if fair or biased
Consolidate by looking at Chapter Review (Q 7, 8, 9 if time permits)



Saturday, 5 September 2009

Statistics – Handling Data

This is the AQA Website for this Maths GCSE
Module 1 (worth 18% of the GCSE) looks at data and includes topics such as averages (should I use the same average for shoe sizes as for the average price of beer), probability (how likely are you to contract ‘swine flu?) and correlation (is it true that ‘the less alcohol and fatty foods, the longer the life’?).
This is the text book used across the college – you will need to have this to follow the course (about £18)
AQA GCSE Maths: Modular Higher Student Book and ActiveBook

With private tuition students I find the following successful (£3.50 each)
This one puts everything in place
GCSE Success AQA Maths Higher Revision Guide (GCSE Success Revision Guides and Workbooks)
Maths Higher Workbook (GCSE Success Workbooks)
This one gives examples of each to help you understand.
There are lots of sites that give you help (videos, worked examples, etc). This one is the BBC Bitesize – Statistics Site