Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Revision: Foundation

1 Go through 2 past Papers

2. Graphs
Quadratic Graphs - be able to write down co-ordinates
Identify maximum, minimum points and lines of symmetry
Identify graphs p.238-237 q2, q4, q8
Use a graph to find solutions p.241 q2, 4

3. Using a formula p337 q1, 4, 5
Changing the subject of a formula p347 q4,5

4 Angles in shapes
acute, obtuse, reflex
equilateral, isosceles, scalene
constructing triangles
p550 q2

5 Algebra
Simplifying Terms (Expanding brackets) p197 q7, p199 q3
FOIL p.262 Q1 and 2
Factorise p259 q1

6 Sequences
term to term rule p.433 1 and 2
patterns of shapes p440 q5,6

7 Constructions
Perpendicular Bisector of a line p.460
Angle Bisector p.462
Locus of points p.464
p.466 q1, p.467 q3

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